Welcome!  Are you a Swarthmore College music alum looking to network with other Swat musicians or to find long-lost friends?

This site was launched as part of the 1st Annual Swarthmore College Student and Alumni Composers Concert, which took place on Saturday, November 6, 2010 in Lang Concert Hall at 8:00 p.m., during Alumni Council Weekend--a joint project of the Swarthmore College Department of Music and Dance, Alumni Relations Office, and Alumni Council. Fifteen works were presented to a wonderful audience of over 100! Five of the works were submitted by current students, ten by alums; performers included both students and alums. (See "Concert Program November 6, 2010" and "Concert Flyer November 6, 2010" attached below.) The audience was treated to a kaleidoscope of music genres: classical, folk, ambient, television, satire--and the evening ended with a fabulous reception where the student and alumni composers and performers mingled with their fans. An article about the event appear in the next Swarthmore College Bulletin!

Composer James Matheson '92 came down from NYC to be our special guest artist; he attended the concert to hear the student works presented in preparation for a special music composition master class which took place the next morning in Lang 407.  Many of the alums who performed on the concert first stopped by the annual Student and Alumni Networking Dinner in Tarbles-in-Clothier to talk to students interested in the arts, entertainment, and non-profit industries.

The goal of the event was not only to showcase the musical talent of Swarthmore College students and alums, but also to make connections and create a support system for soon-to-graduate Swarthmore music students.  Each composer and performer was asked to provide basic personal and contact information, enabling all who participated to stay in touch.

But, we want to expand our directory to include as many Swat musicians as possible!  If you want to be included in the directory, please send your basic personal and contact information to Deborah H. How '89 at dhhow@musette.org or webmaster@swatmusicalums.org.  If you know someone who you think should be on the list, please forward the link to this page!!!


Photo by Geoffrey Peterson


3rd Annual Swarthmore College Student and Alumni Composers Concert
Saturday, November 10, 2012, 3:00 p.m.
Lang Concert Hall

Robert Fain (2014) | Jeremy Rapaport-Stein (2014) | Niels Verosky (2014) Ben Kapilow (2013) | Alejandro Sills (2013)
Sophia Uddin (2011) | Gabriel Riccio (2011)
Melissa Running (1994)
Emily Aubrey (1989) | David Barnes (1988) | Lacy James (1984)
Mark Alburger (1979) | Peter Schickele (1957)

Olivia Edwards (2016), cello | Zoe Cina-Sklar (2015), clarinet
Axel Kodat (2015), cello | Robert Fain (alto saxophone)
Gabriel Riccio (piano) | Andrew Hauze (2004)
Rachel Kolb Moore (1991), piano | Emily Aubrey | David Barnes
Jim Moskowitz (1988) | Lacy James, vocals & keyboards
Lisa Wildman (1984), voice & guitar | Thomas Whitman (1981), voice