Music Alumni Directory

Composers & Performers

(in alphabetical order by last name)

Mark Alburger 79 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
MA (Dominican University): Music Composition 
PhD (Claremont Graduate School): Musicology 
Professions: Conductor (San Francisco Cabaret Opera / San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra)
    Composer (ASCAP)
    Editor-Publisher (21st-Century Music / New Music)
    Music Critic (Commuter Times)
    Musicologist (Grove Dictionary of American Music / Grove Online)
    Professor of Music Literature and Theory (Diablo Valley College)
Current City: San Anselmo, CA

Eva Amesse 11
Swarthmore Major: Theater
Swarthmore Minor: English Literature
Hometown: Staten Island, NY

Emily S. Aubrey 89 
Swarthmore Major: Biology 
BS (University of Illinois): Veterinary Medicine 
DVM (University of Illinois): Veterinary Medicine 
Profession: Freelance Writer, MPH Student
Current City: Baltimore, MD 

David Barnes 88 
Swarthmore Double Major: Music and Psychology 
Professions: Photographer, Composer 
Current City: Somerville, MA 

Martín Carrillo 97 
Swarthmore Double Major: Theater Studies and Sociology & Anthropology 
Professions: Composer, Sound Designer 
Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Benjamin Rothfuss Dair ’11 (Mandelbrot String Quartet) 
Swarthmore Major: Biology 
Swarthmore Minors: Music and Environmental Studies 
Hometown: Portland, OR and Lindau, Germany 

Myles Louis Dakan ’10
Swarthmore Honors Major: Linguistics
Swarthmore Honors Minor: Music
Swarthmore Minor: Mathematics
Profession: Phonology & Reading Lab (Northeastern University)

Gabrielle Daniello ’92
Swarthmore Major: Art History
MLIS (Simmons Graduate School): Library & Information Science
Profession: Librarian

Annie Fox ’95
Swarthmore Major: Biology

Roxanna L. Glass 91 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
MA (CUNY: Queens College): Music Theory 
PhD Coursework (CUNY): Music Theory
Memorial Website:

Eleanor Glewwe ’12 
Honors Major: Linguistics & Languages 
Hometown: Edina, MN

Andrew Hauze 04 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
Conducting Diploma (Curtis Institute of Music) 
Professions: Minister of Music, Assistant Professor (Swarthmore College)
Current City: Swarthmore, PA 

Elizabeth Hoffman ’85
Swarthmore Major: Music
Basel Music Academy: Semester Residency
MA (Stony Brook University): Music Composition
DMA (University of Washington): Music Composition
Profession: Associate Professor (NYU, Department of Music)

Deborah H. How 89 
Swarthmore Honors Major: Music 
Swarthmore Honors Minor: Theater Studies 
MA (UCLA School of the Arts): Ethnomusicology 
PhD (USC Thornton School of Music): Historical Musicology 
Professions: Classical Pianist, Master Teacher & Pedagogy Clinician
    Westside Music Foundation, President
    Carnegie Hall Royal Conservatory The Achievement Program: Regional Leader, College of Adjudicators, Center Representative
Current City: Santa Monica, CA 

Lacy James 84 
Swarthmore Double Major: Religion / English Literature
MFA (University of North Carolina at Greensboro): Choreography 
Professional Certificate (Martha Graham School for Contemporary Dance) 
Professions: Musician, Choreographer 
Current City: Philadelphia, PA / Brooklyn, NY

Yaeir Heber '11
Swarthmore Special Major: World Views and Sustainability
Hometown: Oakland, CA

Laura Keeler '11
Swarthmore Honors Major: History
Swarthmore Honors Minor: English Literature
Hometown: Austin, TX

Rachel Kolb Moore 91 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
MD (Jefferson Medical College) 
Family Practice Residency (Lancaster General Hospital) 
Professions: Family Physician (on hiatus), Piano Instructor (NCTM)
Current City: Lititz, PA 

Jesse Krikorian ’12
Major: Engineering 
Hometown: Tampa, FL 

Leland Paul Kusmer ’11 (Mandelbrot String Quartet) 
Swarthmore Honors Major: Linguistics
Swarthmore Honors Minor: Music 
Hometown: San Francisco, CA 
Website: (Mandelbrot String Quartet) 

Clif Kussmaul 89 
Swarthmore Double Major: Engineering and Music 
MA (Dartmouth College): Electroacoustic Music 
PhD (UC Davis): Computer Science 
Professions: Computer Science Professor, Software Consultant 
Current City: Bethlehem, PA 

Lisa Lee ’81
Swarthmore Major: Psychology with Concentration in Education
Profession: Director of Alumni Relations (Swarthmore College)
Current City: Media, PA

Qian Li 05 

Swarthmore Major: Music 
Swarthmore Minor: Biology 
Professions: Composer, Agent of Transformation 
Current City: Philadelphia, PA 

Samuel Lorber 89
Swarthmore Major: Music
MM (New England Conservatory): Saxophone Performance
Graduate Diploma (New England Conservatory): Saxophone Performance
Professions: Freelance Musician, Private Music Teacher
Current City: Media, PA

Mark Loria '08
Swarthmore Majors: Music and Pre-Med
Professions: Pianist
    Saint Jean Baptiste Catholic Church, Assistant Organist
    Orchestra 2001, Assistant Conductor
Current City: New York, NY

James Matheson 92 
Swarthmore Double Major: Music and Philosophy 
MFA (Cornell University): Composition 
DMA (Cornell University): Composition 
Professions: Composer, Director (LA Philharmonic Young Fellows Program) 
Current City: Brooklyn, NY 
E-Mail: Dan Kurz ’11 
Swarthmore Major: Mathematics
Swarthmore Minor: Music 
Hometown: Melrose, MA 

Genevieve McGahey ’12 
Swarthmore Honors Major: History
Swarthmore Honors Minor: Music 
Hometown: Washington, DC 

Jim Moskowitz ’88
Swarthmore Major: Astrophysics
Swarthmore Minor: Mathematics
Professions: Science Museum Consultant, Rare-Classical CD Seller
Website: The Unknown Composers Page |

Elizabeth Mountford Corson ’92
Swarthmore Double Major: Sociology & Education 
MS: Teaching 
Louisiana & Pennsylvania Elementary Teaching Certificate
Profession: 5th Grade Teacher

Ben Rachbach 11
Swarthmore Honors Major: Education Studies and Chinese 
Hometown: Tucson, AZ 

Gabriel Riccio ’11
Swarthmore Major: Music 
Profession: Musician
Current City: Eden, MD

Melissa Running 94 
Swarthmore Double Major: English and Psychology 
Swarthmore Concentration: Women’s Studies 
MLIS (Drexel University) 
Professions: Technical Writer
Current City: Silver Spring, MD 

Tamara Ryan '06
Swarthmore Majors: Music and Religion
MM (Cleveland Institute of Music): Voice
Artist Diploma (Cleveland Institute of Music): Voice
Professions: Classical Singer
Current City: Cambridge, MA
Website: www.tamararyansoprano.comElan Silverblatt-Buser '12
Swarthmore Honors Major: Biology
Swarthmore Minor: Sociology & Anthropology
Hometown: Corrales, NM

Ellen Sasse ’86 
Swarthmore Double Major: Linguistics & Psychology 
MS (Saint Joseph’s University): Computer Science 
Profession: Switching from Databases & Data Processing to Programming 

Peter Schickele 57 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
MA (Juilliard School): Composition 
Professions: Composer, Musician, Author, Satirist 
Current City: New York, NY 

Benjamin Starr 11 
Swarthmore Major: Music 
Hometown: Baltimore, MD 

Sophia Uddin ’11
Swarthmore Double Major: Music and Biology
Current Professions: Lab Technician, Freelance Violinist / Violin Teacher
Current City: Baltimore, MD 

Thomas Whitman 82
Swarthmore Major: Music
PhD (University of Pennsylvania): Composition
Professions: Composer, Professor (Swarthmore College)
    Gamelan Semara Santi, Co-Director
Current City: Philadelphia, PA

Lisa Wildman 84 
Swarthmore Double Major: Music and Psychology 
MM (Southern Methodist University): Flute Performance 
MMT (Southern Methodist University)
MSW (Temple University: Master of Social Work - in progress)
Professions: Freelance Singer (mezzo soprano), Multi-Instrumentalist
Current City: Montgomeryville, PA 

Becky Wright ’11
Swarthmore Honors Special Major: Linguistics & Deaf Studies
Swarthmore Minor: Psychology
Profession: Communications Fellow (PA Health Law Project) - Philly Fellows
Current City: Philadelphia, PA